How VeVe is Selling $3.5M in Digital Collectibles in an Hour and How to Make Money NOW

How VeVe is selling $3.5M in digital collectables in an hour and how to make money now. If you haven’t heard of Veve, it’s basically this. VeVe is a app whereby it offers digital versions of collectibles so anyone can collect limited edition 3D sculptures of their favorite heroes, characters and icons. And if you’re wondering why anyone would buy a digial version of a priceless collectible, it’s because of this. Subscribe now:

Recently, there was a drop on VeVe where they were offering collectibles from Back To The Future, like the Delorean Time Machine and within an hour, these digital collectibles were sold out. In this video, I will be showing you my full experience on VeVe and what you should be doing on the app. Watch this video now to discover why digital collectibles are the future and what it is you should be doing in regards to VeVe, NFTs, Crypto etc and how to ultimately leverage on this upcoming trend.

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