The Art & Science of Speaking, Selling and Creating Videos (Why Most Fail)

Discover the art & science of speaking, selling and creating videos (and why most fail). A sales video is crucial when it comes to establishing credibility. When done right, a customer will be compelled to buy whatever you’re selling after you’ve proven your authenticity to them through videos. However… many still don’t truly understand how to create a video introducing an offer they can’t refuse. There is an art and a science that needs to come along with it, and I will reveal to you what they are. Subscribe now:

As an introvert, I understood how awkward it would be speaking in front of a camera. The charismatic side of me wasn’t given to me at birth, but rather a learnable and trainable skillset that I have mastered over the past decade. I’ve produced hundreds of sales videos that were so compelling, it made people see the urgency of getting it immediately. In this session, I covered the art and science of creating a good sales video as well as revealing the persuasion equation that I personally use for my sales videos.

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How to Create the Perfect Upsell (An Offer They Cannot Refuse)

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