How to Get Your First Client While Working From Home

How to get your first client while working from home. Here’s the situation. You now have a skill set, product, program or service to offer but… you don’t know how to get customers. So what’s next? Like I always say, ‘’To arrive at the answers, you need to be asking the right questions’’. In this video, I will be sharing the steps to package, position and close clients even from home.
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Developing a skill set was the first part of the equation, and now comes the second — finding clients and making money. Here’s one thing that will cripple you before you even get started. Most people think that going broad and taking on any customer that comes their way is a good strategy. When in reality, it only weakens you. Starting out, you want to be industry specific. Watch this video now to uncover the steps to getting your ideal clients.

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0:00 How do I find my ideal customer?
3:24 How do you sell a product to a customer?
3:57 How to reach your target audience?”

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