Increasing Customer Perceived Value & Charging More (Without Doing Anything More)

Entrepreneurs often generate “reasons to buy” tied to the value they assume they offer. Then, they develop benefit claims around that value to sell to their target market. But there’s a high probability that your sales might fall flat because you did not consider increasing the perceived value of your target market. Subscribe now:

The reason for buying often boils down to the value your products, service, or brand delivers. So if you’re only fixating on how much value customers get for the price you’re charging, you’re missing opportunities to convert cold audiences and make more sales. Even worse, you may be severely grossly underestimating your brand. Watch this video to increase your customer perceived value for your business.


Upselling Strategies to Increasing Perceived Value and Boosting Customer’s Average Order Value

How to Increase the Perceived Value of Your Product, Program, or Service

Sell Anything to Anyone – Even If They SAY NO -[Crushing Client Objections With Dan Lok]

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5 Tips for Making Money With Affiliate Programs

One question that gets asked often online is how to make money with affiliate programs. Most people realize it can be done, but they just don’t realize how all of the pieces fit together. As a new (or even not so new) marketer you want to know what is essential to achieve success.

Simple 3 Step SEO For Affiliate Marketers

Getting free search engine traffic doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, by targeting lots of low hanging fruit (keywords that aren’t all that hard to rank for), you can generate a nice steady stream of free traffic to your affiliate website. Here’s how to do just that in three easy to follow steps.

Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Niche Website in 5 Easy Steps

Making affiliate sales is all about getting the right types of visitors to your website. Here are 5 different ways to drive targeted traffic to your niche website. Work your way through these and see if you don’t start seeing more visitors, more subscribers and most importantly more affiliate sale notifications.

Internet Marketing – Attracting New Affiliates

When it comes to attracting affiliates for your product, you should know that it can either be easy, or be hard. There are alot of ways that you can go about attracting affiliates, but only a handful of these strategies actually bring you the affiliates that you need to have success with your affiliate program. Now some affiliates (super affiliates in general), will actually purchase your product in attempts to see if your product is good, and if it’s worth the price that you are asking for it.

Getting More New Affiliates Into Your Affiliate Program

To get more new affiliates to your affiliate program, you have to position yourself as a leader in the marketplace, and offer good information. Some of the people who are signed up to your email newsletter are competent internet marketers, and if they feel that your information is well worth it, they will take on the role as an affiliate, and start promoting your product for you. An email newsletter is a great way to position yourself as the obvious expert in your niche.

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