How to Get More Views, Reach and Retention on YouTube Using Timestamps (New YT Hack 2020 Tutorial)

This is how you can get more views, reach and retention with these effective YouTube hacks! In this video, I will be showing you how you can create timestamps that are SEO-rich and will allow you to gain the favor of the algorithm. Content creators are not taking advantage of this one crucial hack that would get them featured on the front page of a Google search. By utilizing timestamps, it will allow your content to be featured on Google Snippets which works to optimize your videos by placing it as the first thing people see when they conduct a specific search through a search engine. This is how you can take advantage of building a keyword rich timestamp by utilizing these examples I am about to show you. Subscribe now:

As someone who has been creating content for a long time, I’ve made the rookie mistake of not leveraging on search engines. I will be showing you what you should and should not be doing when it comes to creating timestamps for your YouTube content that add value to the search engine and will get search engines to notice.

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00:00 How to Get More Views, Reach and Retention on YouTube Using Timestamps (New YT Hack 2020 Tutorial)
02:00 How to add timestamp in YouTube description?
02:05 What are some YouTube keyword tips?
03:05 How to maximize views on YouTube?
04:15 How to optimize for featured snippets?
07:00 How to create long tail keywords for YouTube?


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