How I Batch Content for YouTube (3 Months of Content in a Weekend)

Discover how I batch content for YouTube… so that you can have 3 months worth of content in ONE weekend. Yes, it’s possible. It’s been done and will be again and again. Planning and creating content can feel like torture but it doesn’t HAVE to be. In this video, I will be showing you exactly how I do it from ideation to completion. Everything, right here. All that will be left for you to do is model it and implement. Subscribe now:

Content creation = no life. When done without systems and processes… yes, that’s pretty accurate. I will be showing you how to have at least ONE month’s worth of content planned, scheduled, script and shot. And most importantly… get your life and sanity back. Watch this video now and uncover how you can batch content for YouTube.


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Creating a Content Marketing System to Automate Social Media

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How the Changing Times of Affiliate Marketing Can Help You

Like the song “times they are a changing”, nothing stands still everything changes, things grow or decline, live or die, get better of worse. We have been watching the series or programs about life in the 50s and 60s. It is really funny to see how we lived then compared to now. Life seemed so much simpler then, people seamed more satisfied with less. Where will this desire for more escalate to I wonder?

What Is Bootstrap Marketing And Why Is It Important?

It’s become exceedingly clear over the last couple of decades that knowledge and information equal power. Any intelligent business owner realizes that having an endless supply of useful information will result in more engagement with their audience, help them be seen as an authority in their niche, and will end up making their business more money.

Time Freedom With Affiliate Marketing

When I Googled time freedom with affiliate marketing this morning 1,400,000 people were doing the same. When you think of the time-saving gadget we have now compared to a 100 years ago we should be ENJOYING much more time freedom. I remember stories of my Granddad walking 7 miles just to visit my grandma for the afternoon and how hard she worked even in her 80s and 90s.

The Importance of Joining a Good Affiliate Program

You can create an affiliate program for others to subscribe or simply choose to become someone else’s affiliate marketer. When you are the one driving the program, for every lead an affiliate brings to your site, you pay them a certain percentage of the income earned, otherwise called a commission.

The Sequential Logic Generating Sales

The basic three step method to earn money online by means of funneling and targeting. From your Blog, to your Website and finally your Email List as a new Subscriber. When your audience is laser targeted, it will result in a lot less visitors but a lot more sales.

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