How to Create and Dominate a Niche Market (Actual Coaching Call)

This is how you can create and dominate a niche market. What does being a category king mean to you? It is about being able to be the go-to solution for your audience. In your industry, there are the small fish (the players in the market), and the big fish (those who dominate a small market or a niche). You can either be the small fish or big fish…or you can learn how to be the whole pond.

By being the whole pond, you will never have to worry about your audience finding another solution. This is how you can become a category king in your market. In this session, I helped one member identify how she can become a category king in the spiritual and business niche through tweaking her offer. Every week, I sit down with a member of the Million Dollar Creation programme and walk them through a business blockage they may face.

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00:00 How to Create and Dominate a Niche Market (Actual Coaching Call)
01:50 How to become a category king challenge?
03:06 What are the strategies to become a market leader?


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