Gurus, Fake Gurus and Anti Fake Gurus (Among Us Edition)

Gurus, Fake Gurus and Anti Fake Gurus (Among Us Edition). In the community today, there are those who call themselves ‘gurus’ but they are anything but. These… are the imposters that live among us. Nowadays, only a handful of ‘real gurus’ survive, and are constantly being taken out or given a bad name by these so called ‘fake gurus’. But, among these fake gurus, a hero emerges. These ‘anti fake gurus’ plan to wipe out the ‘fake gurus’ and restore the good name of ‘real gurus’ everywhere. Subscribe now:

No matter what industry you’re in, there will be always be those who pretend that they’re an expert when in reality, they’re not. These people are so tempted by the money, that they could care less about the value that ‘real gurus’ actually give to their audience. In this video, I will be sharing with you how I referenced the currently trending game called ‘Among Us’, and portraying ‘crewmates’ as ‘real gurus’, and ‘imposters’ as ‘fake gurus’ to help you understand the context of the community today. Watch this video now to discover how to spot the fake gurus among us and how to sus them out.


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