How I Made Over $1,000,000 with the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Exciting news: We’ve reached a new milestone! This video marks the milestone of my Clickfunnels account achieving over $1 million dollars. So, what better way to celebrate than by showing you how you can replicate the steps needed to generate income by promoting ClickFunnels as well. Subscribe now:

No matter if you have a brick-or-mortar business or a networking business, everyone needs a good funnel. Which is when ClickFunnels comes in. Being an affiliate marketer is easy… once you nail these steps. In this video, I will be showing you exactly how you can start being an affiliate marketer with ClickFunnels and also build your own business up in the process.

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How to Make $1,000 a Month from Affiliate Marketing with Recurring Commissions

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Finding The Right Affiliate Programs For Your Niche

One of the most common problems that people find in affiliate marketing is that they struggle to find the right products. The commissions are either too low to make it worthwhile, or the product itself isn’t worth the commission never mind the full price. When you find yourself in this kind of conundrum it’s best to start looking at some basic systems that can help you change this. Running a home based business and being able to earn with affiliate marketing is a great thing to be able to get involved with, but it takes time and patience – and a little logic along the way.

Busting Famous Affiliate Marketing Myths

Affiliate marketing is something that many people use as the primary part of their home based business, and it helps many people to get started in the whole idea of working from home in the first place. It’s usually the first kind of online marketing that people hear, and the chance to earn affiliate commissions on products that you don’t own or even deal with sounds very convincing – do the selling without all the paperwork, shipping and handling, great!

9 Top Tips To Get Success In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process whereby you, as the affiliate, select a product to promote and receive a commission from the product owner when you secure a sale. The commission is a percentage of the product sale price. Here are some tips on getting started and gaining success in affiliate marketing.

How to Create Presell Page

If you are selling products online, you’ll need to learn how to create a solid presell page to promote the product. This article provides useful information on what needs to be included in a presell page in order to draw a customer’s attention and turn that attention into a sale.

Tips to Help You Make Your First Sale

Two Ways to Make Your First Sale – Since 2006 I’ve tried every which way to make sales. Whilst some methods worked great, many failed. In a nutshell there have only been two CORE methods I’ve used to make sales consistently, month after month, year after year. Here they are:

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