How to Create Profitable YouTube PreRoll Ads ($187,620 Case Study)

How to create profitable YouTube preroll ads ($187,620 Case Study). Preroll ads are basically the short, attention grabbing ads that appear before the YouTube video plays. Having said that, how often do you skip on those ads? It’s common to ignore preroll ads as soon as those 5 seconds are up. But if you manage to grab someone’s attention within those 5 seconds, that ad can become very powerful. Subscribe now:

Over the past decade that I’ve been on YouTube, I have spent close to millions of dollars on ads. What I’ve discovered is that preroll ads are very common and has great potential… but most marketers fail at grabbing attention before those 5 seconds are up. In this video, I will be showing you how to create profitable YouTube preroll ads with these tips. Watch this video now to discover the 5 steps on creating YouTube preroll ads that makes money.

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