How to Create a TikTok Video Ad 2021 (Behind the Scenes)

How to create a TikTok video ad in 2021 (behind the scenes). TikTok is a new up and coming platform that has taken the world by storm. Did you know… that some people are actually running ads on the platform as well? With the amount of traffic the app gets, TikTok ads are now the best new opportunity. Subscribe now:

A couple of weeks ago, I ran my very first TikTok video ad on the platform and now I’m here to show you behind the scenes on how I did it. As a total beginner, it was foreign land to me. After doing my due diligence and extensive research, I finally came up with a script and figured out how to successfully launch my first TikTok ad campaign. Watch this video now as I reveal what I did and how I ran that ad on the platform.

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Launching My First TikTok Ad Campaign LIVE

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