How to Book Speaking Engagements & Position Yourself For High Fees

Did you get the gig? Congratulations! Now the next step is to fulfill it, so how can you do that? It all comes down to… providing value. In this, I will be showing you exactly how to get the gigs not only to fulfill them but to position yourself for higher fees. Subscribe now:

One thing you may not know is that a speaking gig is a great opportunity to do a soft call to action but you have to be aware of what the company requires from you in the brief. Watch this video now as I break down what separates truly great presenters from average ones.


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How To Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Showing Your Face (Copy These Steps!)

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5 Tips for Entrepreneurs Creating an Information Product

One of the most popular ways for entrepreneurs to make money today is by creating an information product. If you have an interest in doing this yourself, then there is a tried and true method that will help you achieve success.

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Finding The Best Article Writer

Once you’ve decided it’s time to turn the page and find the best article writer for your business, the real journey begins. Presumably, going it alone has been frustrating and fruitless for you so far. You are convinced that a different approach is necessary if you are ever to make money online. There are many varying opinions on what to look for in a freelance writer. Cost is just one factor, other key ones also need to be considered. Two others are educational levels and online experience. A true professional should be someone familiar with your special niche. More importantly, he must also be a trusted partner you can work with comfortably.

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