Earth | Investing $10,000 in My MEGACITY (Secret Location Revealed)

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Earth | Investing $10,000 in My MEGACITY (Secret Location Revealed). is the next big game to try out. Buying virtual land and building a megacity are one of the few things you can do. But what can you do when buying these virtual land and how do you utilize coupon codes? Subscribe now:

Recently, I’ve spend well over $10,000 buying virtual land in, where you can own and develop your own land in a virtual 1:1 scale with Earth. In this video, I will be showing you how I utilize unique coupon codes that you guys have written in the comments of the previous video to buy different plots of land to build my very own megacity. Watch this video now to discover everything you need to know when buying virtual land on and which secret locations you can check out.


I Spent $10,000 Buying Virtual Land ( What Is It? and How Does It Work?)

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