How to Sell Your Stuff Online (When There’s a Ton of FREE Information)

This is how you will be able to sell your stuff online…even if there is a ton of free information! It’s simple: people want to know what they will be getting when they buy. So, how do you show them that your offer is not a commodity? The technique is to provide them with an additional component that they will not be able to get from other offers. The market is filled with offers that sound the same (and even look the same, sometimes).

This is how you will be able to stand out from the competition. If your offer is made up of just information, it will be accessible from a search engine or YouTube video. Do not compete based on price because that will switch your offer into a commodity. Instead, you want to brainstorm ideas on how to make your offer stand out from the rest. In this session, I helped one member identify how she could transform her online Zumba offer into a proprietary offer. Every week, I sit down with a coaching member to help them make further progress in their sales process.

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03:50 How to make your product stand out from competitors?
06:55 How to create a unique product?


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