CONFESSION: I Have Over 100 Credit Cards… (Sales Lessons From My First Job)

CONFESSION: I Have Over 100 Credit Cards… (Sales Lessons From My First Job). Get this. My first ever job was for a marketing company to get people to register for… a credit card. I basically earn a commission for anyone who signed up for a credit card, and at that point in time… I had never done anything sales related. I lasted only 2 days. But in those 2 days… I’ve learned life lessons I will never forget. And this one thing stuck with me until now. Subscribe now:

On my orientation day, I was taught these few principles that every salesperson need to know when it comes to selling and marketing credit cards. In this video, I will be revealing to you the life lessons I’ve discovered while working my very first job and how you can utilize them when it comes to sales.


How to Close People Who Don’t Want to Be Closed

Craft an Offer That CANNOT Be Refused

1 SIMPLE Technique That Will SKYROCKET Your Sales… (Without Paid Ads)

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