Banned on Facebook Ads? Other Platforms To Test in 2022

Banned on Facebook Ads? Other Platforms To Test in 2022. If you’re in a market that isn’t Facebook friendly, advertising platform friendly, selling crypto or adult related items/services… you’re going to have a tough time running ads on various platforms. So where can you run these ads that aren’t family friendly? Subscribe now:

As someone who has been running ad campaigns on Facebook for a while now, I’ve had my fair share of ads getting banned by Facebook. Now, any market where advertising are NOT allowed will get banned on these platforms and you end up wasting money just trying to run these ads. But there are alternatives to this. In this video I will be walking you through several alternatives that you can explore even if you’re in a market that is not acceptable by Facebook as well as the different options you should be exploring if you want to be able to diversify and get multiple sources of traffic.


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