Analysis of Donald Trump’s Languaging (A Marketer’s Perspective)

Join me as I break down Donald Trump’s languaging from a marketer’s perspective. Yes, I know. I can feel the hate already. Whether you are for or against him, the ‘Trump’ name will always spark huge reactions. In this video, I am going to be revealing to you Donald Trump’s speech patterns, languaging and how powerful they can be for marketing.
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Don’t hate. This is not a political video. I am not even American nor did I vote. But I can and will show you how Donald Trump’s languaging can be the game changer in marketing. Let’s get one thing straight. Normal and neutral… is boring. And Trump? He is the complete opposite of that and just look at the attention he gets. Watch this video now to uncover the 5 strategies that will take your marketing campaigns to a whole new level.


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