Top Takeaways from My 2023 Annual Meeting

Smobblers… Assemble!

Last January, I gathered the people who have helped create our business grow exponentially…

My team! 🙌🏻

And I was able to list down 43 different things that we should and could be doing to grow our business exponentially even more. And in this video, I’ll be sharing with you the key takeaways that I got by listening to the presentation from my entire team at our 2023 Annual Meeting. Subscribe now:

If you listen closely to what your team has to say, then there’s no denying that your business could grow even bigger and faster. Watch this video to see how we plan on making our business grow bigger and how you can be doing the same thing to yours as well.


Behind The Scenes: Annual Meeting 2022

What Does My Team Do? (The 5 Pillars of Business REVEALED)

*REVEALED* How To Plan & Strategize for 2023 (That FORCES You to SUCCEED)

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