Script Your Youtube Ads: 7 Steps to Create Winning 7 Figure Ads…

Script Your Youtube Ads: 7 Steps to Create Winning 7 Figure Ads. If you think that you could take the same ads you run on Facebook and run them on YouTube… you’re in for a bad time. No two platform are the same, so if you run the same ads across different platforms, it simply won’t work. Subscribe now:

I’ve been running ads on various different platforms, Facebook, YouTube, and even TikTok for a while now and here’s what I discovered. One of the mistakes most marketers make is thinking that they could run the same ad over and over again on EVERY platform and wonder why it doesn’t convert. While an ad might succeed on one platform, the same can’t be said for another. In this video, I will be revealing to you the 7 steps to crafting the script for winning ads on YouTube.


7 Steps To A 7-Figure YouTube Ad Script

How to Create Profitable YouTube PreRoll Ads ($187,620 Case Study)

YouTube Ads vs Facebook Ads After The iOS14 Update ($20,000 Experiment, Who Won?)

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