How to Run Profitable Live Virtual Events (Actual CASE STUDY)

How to run profitable live virtual events (Actual CASE STUDY). In the world we are living in today, it’s nearly (or absolutely) impossible to host physical live events. But there is another way we could send our message across, and that is by pivoting and exposing ourselves to the online world. So, what are the differences between physical and virtual events? Subscribe now:

In early 2020 when the pandemic first took the world by storm, I was in Poland ready to start an event with my team. However, we were forced to leave the country due to lockdown and could not carry out the event. I remembered thinking… what am I going to do now? So, I took a risk. I brought my entire business and processes online and never looked back since. In this video, I will be showing you exactly how to run profitable live virtual events so that you can pivot and carry out events online too.

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