How to Make Money Online Doing Online Challenges (Works for Any Niche!)

This is how you can make money online doing online challenges. Picture this: what if you could create a challenge that your audience would want to participate in? The challenges would then be able to gather good reviews, and allow you to be at the top of your game…all while you can generate income at the same time. This is where the challenge funnel comes in.

Challenge funnels are great tools to reach out to our audiences. It allows your audience to be engaged with your offer that is providing value to them. To ultimately do this, you need to focus on the messaging to attract the right customers, and optimize the layout of your challenge funnel. In this session, I helped one member tweak her challenge funnel layout and messaging, which would contribute towards further strategies to encourage audience engagement. Every week, I sit down with a member of the Million Dollar Creation programme and walk them through a business blockage they may face.

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00:00 How to Make Money Online Doing Online Challenges (Works for Any Niche!)
01:21 What is an example of a challenge funnel template?
04:12 How do I focus on goals and results?
06:04: How to create a sales video script?


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