How to Increase the Perceived Value of Your Product, Program or Service

How to increase the perceived value of your product, program or service. What is perceived value? It’s when a customer has their own perception on how much a product, program or service is worth. Before even telling them the price, they could have already concluded and convinced themselves that the valuation is good. So, how can you make your customers close themselves and portray a high perceived value? Subscribe now:

I have been in the internet marketing industry for a decade now and I’ve realised the most powerful thing that closes the sale is the perceived value. You can do that by overdelivering and give them something priceless. Think about it. What is the one thing nobody else can give them that only you can? In this session, I helped one member position their product, program or service in a way that makes their customer convince themselves that the price is worth it. Every week, I sit down with a coaching member to help them make further progress in their sales process.

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How To Sell Without Selling (What Separates World Class From the Average Marketers)

How To Sell Without Selling (Educational-Based Selling)

How to Sell to Anyone Who Doesn’t Want to Be Sold With This Unusual Method

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Niche Market Hosting Super Affiliate

Our article today is going to cover a very important niche market that you as an affiliate marketer should be very aware of. Niche markets, for anyone not familiar with the term, refer to specific areas; products or subjects that make up a particular market e.g. stamp collectors would be a niche market with say collectors of British stamps being a sub-niche.

Why You Should Use Camtasia In Your Affiliate Campaigns

In case you are not familiar with “Camtasia” here is a brief description and explanation of what it is. Camtasia is the name of a piece of serious software for making and viewing online videos. It’s been around for a few years and is still at the forefront for online video in spite of the alternative competition that has arrived on the scene.

Which Affiliate Program To Choose?

Our article today is concerned with an age-old problem when setting up in the Internet marketing affiliate business. So many affiliate sites to choose from, so many platforms and just so many questions that need to be answered before you commit.

Essential Survival Tips For Affiliate Marketers

The purpose of this article is to inform the reader to some of the basics necessary for ensuring their affiliate marketing efforts don’t fail at the first hurdle. It’s so easy to overlook the simple things at the beginning and become dazzled by the claims of big money that can be earned.

A Daily Routine For An Affiliate Marketer

People often wonder what is required to run an affiliate marketing business. Are you one of those people who buy into all of that “lazy late start mornings with a laid back breakfast, switch on the computer and check how much money rolled into your bank account whilst you slept?” It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee because the reality is nothing like that.

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