How To Decide On The Right Sales Funnel For Your Industry

How to decide on the right sales funnel for your industry. Get this, ok? If it’s not the right fit, it’s not going to work. The first few seconds your audience sets their sights on your page… will either make it or break it for you. People are impatient. They want a solution and they want it now. So, what’s this got to do with choosing a funnel? In this video, I will be showing you how to market match your solution to a funnel that fits… so that your audience can instantly say, ‘’Yes, I want this!’’ Subscribe now:

Not all industries should utilize a webinar funnel, think about it. If you’re in the yoga field… who is going to wait for your webinar that starts in 3 days?! Chances are, they will have forgotten about completely by then. And that’s not taking into account that they have other options just waiting to swoop in on them. How do you present and make yourself the GO-TO option? Every week, I sit down with a coaching member to help them make further progress in their sales process. In this session, I went deep into a webinar funnel and showcased how to market match a funnel with a specific industry, how to model the top lead generations in your market and more. Watch this video now if you want to be able to find the best funnel for your business.


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