How To Create YouTube Ads That People Won’t Skip (Make Money with YouTube Ads)

“Not another annoying YouTube ad!” Get this. We all sometimes find Youtube ads annoying and want to get to our videos as quickly as we can. So, how can we create unskippable ads? If you want to discover how to straight up copy and deploy ads that are proven to convert, click on this link:

For everyday users, it might not mean much to encounter an ad, but for a marketer, it could mean missing out on an opportunity to take your offer to the next level. In this video, I will be showing you what to say, who to target and what are the requirements to create great unskippable YouTube ads.


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How I Create VIRAL Video ads from TikTok (EASY!)

Want to learn more from Peng Joon? Follow these steps:



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Nobody Likes Cold Calling Anymore

All businesses, whether selling a product or service depend on sales, unless someone buys something today the whole world would come to a grinding halt. Sales are the life blood of every company from “Fortune Five Hundred” to the home based entrepreneur. So how do you get sales without cold calling?

3 Ways to Boost Your Credibility

Whenever we speak to our customers, email list, subscribers etc… , we are either adding to our credibility or decreasing it. Because physics teaches us that nothing really stands still once it has been set in motion.

Knowing Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income Generation

Affiliate Marketing nowadays is steadily gaining popularity because it is an alternative means of generating money passively with relatively little effort. With just a basic knowledge of the computer and the internet, and some connections or a good website to promote products, one can generate money without actually doing a great deal of work. However, one does not venture impulsively to this lucrative opportunity without knowing the basics of it.

How to Dominate ClickBank?

Newbies to internet marketing may have not heard of ClickBank as yet. ClickBank has more than 10,000 products created by other people. All you have to do is register for an account with ClickBank and promote these products as an affiliate. If someone buys a product from your website or blog, you will get a commission for it. The commission can differ according to the agreed rate with the product owner. Most of these products include e-books, videos and audio files.

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