How to Create The Perfect Script on Youtube (Increase Watch Time, Retention and Subscribers!)

How to create the perfect script on YouTube (increase watch time, retention and subscribers!). On YouTube, watch time and retention is extremely important. Being able to keep your audience watching till the very end of your video is the ultimate goal when it comes to growing and monetizing your YouTube channel. If you’re struggling to keep your retention rates up, then this is how you should do it. Subscribe now:

I’ve been on YouTube for over a decade… and let me tell you one thing. It’s easy for people to get bored and drop out halfway while watching your video, which is not what you (or the platform) wants. I will be sharing with you the perfect script on how I record and edit my videos so that people watch till the very end. Watch this video now to discover the 9 ways on how to make your audience watch more and keep your video’s retention rates up.

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How I Enjoy My Time Freedom With Affiliate Marketing

Time freedom is something we all crave, people look forward to the weekends, shift workers long for their breaks, nurses for their days off, I guess its human nature to crave autonomy and free choice. We have achieved our time freedom with the help of affiliate marketing, we are wintering in the sun in Spain.

Using the Law of Attraction in Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Success in this kind of marketing depends on some factors that may be in your control while others are beyond your control. Of course, it’s always better to utilize success factors that are in your control. In our discussion, we will look at how you can use the law of attraction in affiliate marketing. There are how-to guides that help you become a successful affiliate marketer, but you will find out that most critical success factor is in your control.

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When creating your own website or blog, your keyword selection is important to rank in Google later. Keyword selection goes hand in hand with domain selection and website title for best exposure results.

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Why do some affiliate marketers make a fortune whilst others plod on making barely a living wage? You may only need some extra cash and only decide to invest a few hours a week. However given time to grow your business and the right ingredients you have a choice, the internet boasts many millionaire affiliate marketers and many super affiliates.

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There is a basic structure that needs to be assembled first, and it’s a precise sequence that favors preparation. The best starting point will always be your mindset and then your email list, followed by landing pages and your own website.

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