How to Create Desire and Demand for Your Product or Service

This is how you can create desire and demand for your product or service. Micro-commitments will entice and encourage your audience to stay for the duration of the whole process. This is key for a product launch funnel when you are releasing videos that lead to the final offer. Videos in a product launch funnel need to be pre-framed in the correct way to lead the audience smoothly into the final sales offer.

I will be revealing to you the framework of how to create micro-commitments through your product launch funnel which will get people wanting to buy instantly. Sometimes, it is best to create anticipation for your product to get people into your sales process. In this session, I helped one member identify key funnel tweaks which would build anticipation for his offer. Every week, I sit down with a member of the Million Dollar Creation programme and walk them through a business blockage they may face.

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