Earth | New Phase 2 Opportunities + The Future of Virtual Games, NFTs and Crypto

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Earth | New Phase 2 Opportunities + The Future of Virtual Games, NFTs and Crypto. It’s time to start talking about high reward, high risk investment types of unconventional assets. With collectibles, comics and cards literally exploding in the investment sector now, whether it is virtually, NFTs, digital art, digital and virtual land exploding in the last couple of weeks, this is how you ultimately diversify it. It’s an especially dangerous bubble to be in if you don’t know what you’re doing. Subscribe now:

Recently, I’ve spend well over $10,000 buying virtual land in, where you can own and develop your own land in a virtual 1:1 scale with Earth. In this video, I will be showing you what you should be doing and expecting when it comes to Phase 2 of buying land on I will be sharing with you what land to buy in Phase 2, my thought process on the future of, as well as the direction and vision of game developers on these type of virtual goods.


I Spent $10,000 Buying Virtual Land ( What Is It? and How Does It Work?)

Earth | Investing $10,000 in My MEGACITY (Secret Location Revealed)

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