Building Up a Retargeting Up Campaign That Actually Converts (Follow Me Behind the Scenes)

This is how you can build up a campaign that actually converts. You’ve probably heard me say that the money is in the retargeting. The purpose of retargeting is to bring your audience to the next level. This is how you will scale your campaigns and create custom audiences to direct those retargeting ads to. So, what does a good retargeting campaign look like? Subscribe now:

As someone with a decade of experience in internet marketing, I’ve realized that the most powerful way to increase engagement in your ad campaign is through retargeting your ads. This is where you will be able to speak to your ideal audience and create a custom audience for the different steps in your retargeting process which consists of four levels: visited but did not register, registered but did not show up, show up but did not go to checkout, went to checkout page, but did not buy. In this session, I helped one member build their retargeting campaign by providing a script and structure to model and instantly deploy into their own sales process. Every week, I sit down with a coaching member to help them make further progress in their sales process.

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