Behind The Scenes: Annual Meeting 2022

From a huge power cut during an event to utilizing Discord to communicate, here are some of the juicy takeaways from the behind-the-scenes to our 2022 annual meeting. Subscribe now:

As any entrepreneur would know, planning ahead is vital for the success of your business, but so is looking back at what you have already accomplished. In this video, I will be showing you how to set your team up for success by recounting what you have already done for the previous year and how this will give you clarity on how to plan and strategize for the year ahead.


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Many people dream of making money from a website, but have no idea how to go about it. The most common method is through the use of advertising. You are paid whenever a visitor to your site clicks on an ad which is displayed there. Pay-per-view advertising is also used, for which you are paid for each person viewing a page when the ad loads. It is possible to make money with a website, but it’s not particularly easy. You need to be dedicated to keeping the site fresh, with compelling content, and use good marketing techniques to spread the word. Use your analytics to strengthen your approach. Stick to it and you will soon be making money!

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