17 Money Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20’s

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Making money mistakes happens at any age and any moment of our lives, but your 20s can either be the downfall or the rise of your financial future. 🧭 In today’s video, we’ll be going over 20 mistakes you should avoid to earn money safely for a long time.💲🤩💲


00:32 – Don’t Spend Like There’s No Tomorrow
01:26 – What You Measure Is What You Manage
02:00 – No Goals = No Direction
02:45 – Don’t Overuse Credit Cards
03:36 – Emergencies Will Come Up
04:36 – Stop Lying To Yourself
05:22 – Make Money In Your Free Time
06:04 – Saving MONEY Will Save Your Retirement
07:20 – Take Big Risks
08:25 – Watch Out For College Costs
09:10 – Debt Avalanche
10:32 – Avoid Using Debt To Buy Luxuries
11:29 – Mindless Spending
13:09 – Insurance Is A Good Safety Net
14:40 – The First Step Is Understanding
15:09 – Talk About Money With Your Partner
16:10 – Baby Steps Without A Money Plan
17:55 – Check This Clip Out

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